What is Thermography?

Thermography is  screening process that is non-invasive, radiation and pain free.  It is safe for everyone; women, men and children.
Because Thermography does not use radiation, women in their child bearing years can be screened safely.

There are two methodologies of Thermography.  Both address changes in the physiology of the body.  One is a computer with a thermometer attached which measures 119 predefined points on the body from head to pelvic floor.  The other method is digital imagery; a camera that picks up heat radiating from breast and muscle-skeletal tissue.  Combined they create a whole picture of how your body is responding to the stress of temperature; inflammation chronic or acute.

Thermography is based on the physiology of temperature in the body.  When there are imbalances and dysfunction; infection, injury, inflammation or growths, the body responds by regulating temperature. Using a very accurate thermal sensor; thermometer or camera,  it is possible to measure and detect changes in autonomic nervous system through the tissues  response to temperature.  These changes can indicate the presence of a dis-ease even at its earliest stages.

                         What to expect in a session?

The process takes 30-60 minutes. After the initial intake of information, it begins with either 119 measurements of predefined points on the body; head including teeth, chest/breast, abdomen, and spine. At the end of the first measurements, a cool down period of 10 minutes is required before we remeasure the same points. With the imaging, there is a 15minute acclimation period (cool down) before the images are taken.  The cooling process is an internal stress on the body that can help determine vitality; how tissue respond to the stress of cool, and how the whole body regulates to the temperature change.  

Protocols before sessions:

 Cosmetics: Do not use any body, facial creams or deodorant. Do not wear any make-up.  Food and Drink: Depending on time of session, have a very light breakfast. No caffeine, nothing too hot or cold to drink 1 hour before exam.  Do not smoke 2 hours before exam. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before exam. Activities: Do not bathe or shower 8 hours before exam. Do not shave; arm pits, legs the day of exam. Do not nurse within 2 hours before exam.  Avoid strenuous physical activities 12 hours before exam; sports, sex.  No flying 24 hours before exam.  No tanning 24 hours prior to exam.  Note: If there is a recent sunburn or skin burn of any kind, the examination cannot take place. Medications and Therapies:  Do not take homeopathic or regulative type medications except medications critical to your health; heart, thyroid, etc. Avoid physical stimulation of body; breast/full body massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatments.  Do not have any type of regulative therapy 2 weeks before exam; Ultra-sound, CT scans, MRI.  Clothing and Accessories: Wear long-sleeved and long-legged clothing. Wear a shirt or blouse. Do not wear turtle-neck sweater. No tight fitting clothing; belts etc. wear underwear. For the breast imaging, if you are very cold sensitive bring or wear warm coverings from the waist down.  Females should remove bra 30 minutes before exam. Remove eyeglasses 15 minutes before exam. Tie up long hair.

About Deborah Ardell Hill

I have been in the health care field since 1983. I began my career as a Massage therapist at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona my home town.  What brought me to massage and the healing arts is my desire to heal myself. Since that time I have authored a book "Spiritual Reflexology: Spiritual Gifts of the Body,".  I have travel extensively teaching  massage all over the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and South Africa. 

I have continued to study, practice and integrate a number of modalities into my treatment including; Reflexology, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cranial-Sacral therapy, Lymphatic massage, Herbology, The Way of the Heart/Quantum Field energy work, LaStone Massage, and Thermography.

I am a  Certified Thermography Technician and Nationally and California State Certified Massage Therapist. It has been a  long journey, and I have found a way to bring all my knowledge together, to offer compassionate support of your vision of Optimal Health.

For more information about Body Thermography contact:

Deborah Ardell Hill

  bodythermographyl@gmail.com or 510 479-7007


Full Body $295
Breast imaging $240
Upper Body imaging $240
Lower Body imaging $240